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As a privately held owned U.S. company, we have been offering commercial moving and relocation services since 1980. We are a full-service transportation and logistics service provider, offering domestic and international services throughout the world.

Through state of the art technology and innovative approaches, U.S. Logistics has been providing cost effective and superior service to the commercial moving market nationwide. Our tailored service packages to our clients have allowed them to better control their costs, and effectively manage an otherwise confusing process.

Equipment for Commercial Moving
  • Dollies- for boxes
  • Library carts- for larger books and periodicals
  • CMachine carts- for all computers, desk top printers, and phones
  • Computer bags- to house the mouse-keyboard and associated chords
  • Stretch wrap- to secure all library and machine carts
  • Panel dollies- for conference tables
  • Hi-risers- to move large executive desks
  • Masonite- for floor protection
Additional Services
  • Design and space planning
  • Modular furniture installation and reconfiguration
  • Electronic disconnect and reconnect (EDR)
  • Warehouse storage and Asset Management
  • Furniture layout guide
  • Certificates of insurance will be issued, upon request

By completing our comprehensive relocation to-do list, you will know exactly the scope of the process before your relocation starts.

Through our dedication and performance, our skilled project managers will ensure you, the client, a pleasant commercial relocation experience
U.S. Logistics

Dedicate Relocation Specialists

What is the best way to arrange for my relocation?

Each relocation is a very personal, individual matter. That’s why we don't provide any general advice here, but would rather invite you to arrange for a personal consultation. Our experts will be pleased to provide initial consultation free of charge. They will address your personal situation, providing you with all the information you need in order to relocate smoothly.

You will get optimum support minimising your effort. We do relocations on thr entire USA territory.

U.S. Logistics

Our service package for your relocation

  • Private or business moving & relocation service
  • Transport of new furniture
  • Small-load and art transport services
  • Assembly / disassembly of standard furniture and office furniture
  • Packing material
  • Clearances / waste disposal
U.S. Logistics

Proper packing is what counts

Of course, choosing the right carrier is very important, when it comes to ship, aircraft or railway. However, the core element of any relocation is the property that needs to be relocated

Safe packing, proper logistics, and careful handling of all items to be relocated are key matters that we take very seriously. In this context, our company’s many years of experience with relocations certainly are an asset

At U.S Logistics we believe preparation is vital for every type of move. When is comes to corporate relocation, we make sure your employees are prepared before the movers arrive by providing tags for larger items such as desks, filing cabinets, chairs, etc. Refer to the Office Preparation Guide for proper placement of our tags with step by step instructions

U.S. Logistics

Regulatory Compliance

U.S. Logistics' team can help you develop strategies that enforce compliance with industry regulations, and manage responses to government requests.

When you receive an inquiry from a government agency we review it, work with you to determine the best course of action and provide recommendations on how to proceed. We then prepare and submit written responses, including post-entry claims, protests, appeals, and amendments.

Based on the course of action and ongoing recommendations, we perform valuation assessments and adjustments, calculate and track refunds, provide detailed reporting, and much more.

We’re different –we’re building our reputation by being fast, efficient, cost effective and careful. We’re your quality resource –specializing in office, laboratory, and industrial and high value equipment moving.

U.S. Logistics

Relocation Expertise

Moving an office of any size can be a daunting experience for those given the task of arranging the physical relocation, but by engaging with U.S. Logistics, the weight of responsibility will be shared with a specialist who relocates offices on a daily basis

From your initial enquiry through to the completion of any size of Relocation, a Commercial Moving Group member will offer and provide you with an untold wealth of knowledge, this will enable you to plan and execute your move with the minimum amount of downtime and disruption to your Business

U.S. Logistics

Commercial Relocation

Moving our clients’ businesses has been our core business for many years which is why you can rely on U.S. Logistics to always offer you the best and most cost-effective solution for your commercial relocation

  • Multi-Site Moves
  • Internal Moves
  • Exhibitions, Events & Retail
  • Educational Facilities
  • Challenging Environments
  • IT Moves
  • Recyling/Disposal
  • Storage

U.S. Logistics

Recycling and reuse

As part of our commitment to the environment and our Corporate Social Responsibility, our team of experts will provide an environmentally friendly solution to dispose or recycle your unwanted commercial or household items.

Owing to increased legislation on environmental responsibility, businesses now have a Duty of Care to ensure that action is taken regarding the disposal or recycling of old furniture or stock. U.S. Logistics we ensure full compliance with the waste transfer, environmental protection and legislation, so you can be assured we are taking responsible action.