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U.S. Logistics as an experienced customs broker pay attention to all the details and utilize experience, regulatory expertise and the latest technology to ensure that your supply chain remains compliant. Our brokerage team participates in customs automated programs and we extend this technological expertise to you. With U.S. Logistics you always know the status of your shipments.

  • Customs USL participant
  • Paperless entry and entry summary environment
  • Automated Broker Interface (ABI)
  • Remote Location Filing (RLF)
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI) transmissions and alerts
  • Classification and commodity specialists
  • Bonds and insurance services
  • Duty drawback and reconciliation
  • Importer Security Filing (ISF)
USL will continue to analyze carriers, lanes, mode, and your transportation as a whole to determine areas of improvement to your business

U.S. Logistics

Customs Expertise

Your imports/Exports cannot afford to make mistakes in dealing with Customs

Incorrectly filing an entry, product misclassification, incorrect value declaration or misreading a regulatory stipulation can lead to costly delays, service failures, possible fines, and seizure of goods. With a 99.8%, industry-leading compliance rate, USL is proud to demonstrate our Customs Brokerage expertise.

U.S. Logistics

OGA Specialists

RLF provides one point of contact

RLF is guarantee of uniformity on Customs record keeping

RLF Improves compliance with Customs regulations

RLF Reduces Customs fees on entry transactions

RLF allows consistent c argo processing

RLF reduces Customs clearance time

RLF reduces communication costs

U.S. Logistics

Customs Brokerage

Whether you are dealing with the FDA, need advice on NAFTA requirements, or are filing a duty drawback claim, USL has the knowledge and experience you need to navigate complicated importing and exporting regulations.

Our specialized knowledge helps for more efficient shipping, uncovers opportunities to reduce duties, and puts in place best practices to avoid penalties and reduce your compliance risk..

U.S. Logistics

Duty Drawback and Reconciliation

Duty draw back offers a refund for all, or more likely, some of any import duty paid on imported products that were used to make an exported product or were in themselves re-exported after entry.

This program is in place to promote and make our products favorably compete in foreign market. Our drawback specialists handle all aspects of drawback claims from recordkeeping to electronic filing of claims and expedited refunds.

U.S. Logistics

Business Process Services

U.S. Logistics Delivers business process expertise so companies can focus on their core competencies.

USL brings efficiencies through program management, information management and contact center services.

Team USL helps you gain an in-depth knowledge of your business, to develop the right solution to meet your needs. You can consider our experienced, professional staff your trusted business partner; an extension of your organization.

U.S. Logistics

Carrier services

U.S. Logistics helps minimize the entry process delay caused by inaccurate documentation, incomplete information and unreliable communications among exporters and importers

Our expertise with government regulations combined with our data and workflow automation technology, help ease the challenges of transportation. This also enables USL to be a natural choice for importers and carriers that are looking for the best e-manifest service provider..

U.S. Logistics , leader in Transportation Management, takes the time to learn about your business challenges and develop recommendations for programs and solutions to address your logistics needs. Our solutions are designed to fit your business needs with minimal capital investment all while providing immediate and long-term benefits.

U.S. Logistics

Duty management

We help companies like yours maximize the efficiency and savings of trade programs and address international trade compliance, allowing you to focus on your core business growth.

U.S. Logistics trade specialists use proprietary technology and proven processes to maximize your duty savings.

Team USL can help you significantly reduce duty expenses by exercising a number of applicable opportunities, such as special trade programs, preferential trade agreements, duty drawback, foreign trade zones, bonded warehouses and strategic sourcing plans.

U.S. Logistics

Regulatory Compliance

U.S. Logistics' team can help you develop strategies that enforce compliance with industry regulations, and manage responses to government requests.

When you receive an inquiry from a government agency we review it, work with you to determine the best course of action and provide recommendations on how to proceed. We then prepare and submit written responses, including post-entry claims, protests, appeals, and amendments.

Based on the course of action and ongoing recommendations, we perform valuation assessments and adjustments, calculate and track refunds, provide detailed reporting, prepare reconciliation filings and much more.